Macca3D is not only 3D.
I am a versatile VFX artist, based in Buenos Aires,
loving to work on interesting projects and willing to share my experience.

I am either comfortable of being part of big teams or small ones. I like to integrate with talented groups and share knowledge. During the last years I have worked along the best professionals in the market in fast paced environments adapting quickly to new ways of working and giving my vision every time I though it was useful.
I can work in-house or remote. I´m fluent in English and Spanish, and I manage a bit with French.
I cover a wide range of disciplines in CG, from simple modeling to project management (up 12 people at some time). I embrace to challenge myself it doesn´t matter the apparent simplicity of the task, all of them are important and they deserve to be accomplished well and on time.
Industrial Design
General Animation
Camera/Object Tracking
Compositing/Color Grading
Maya+3DS Max
Nuke+After Effects

They trust me

Comments from clients and colleagues

Marcelo has extensive experience in the field of digital imaging in general and 3d photorealism in particular, in addition to having a solid theoretical knowledge of all aspects related to it. I have been working with him for two years and I can assure without exaggeration, that he approaches the projects with the poise and clarity of a Samurai. He is a great teamleader, without ceasing to be a co-worker. At first glance he looks like a very severe guy, but that’s just an appearance! And the most important thing: He never lose the North.
Pablo Morral / Lighting Supervisor at Grid BVBA

He´s simply a really fucking good professional!
Jorge Echeverría / Associated in VaskoFilms

Marcelo is one of those people you always want to have on your team. Very professional, respected by all his colleagues. A true great asset for any company. Deeply knowledgeable in his field, he shares this knowledge with passion. While at my company, he rapidly showed how responsible and perfectionist he could be, his professionalism and love for the work benefited the company and those working with him. Besides his work professionalism, and more important than this, he is a great person, winning the hearts and respect by all members of the organization. It was great to have Marcelo at my company.
Max Guerra / Director at Archpartners

Recently I´ve worked with Marcelo in a very defiant project of an animated series. He is a very practical, and creative person. Not to mention his human quality. He was essential for developing good looking 3DCG results. I am so glad that i got to work with him. I hope to work with him again in the near future!
Federico Yoshisato / CG Artist at Bitt Animation

Marcelo is a source of knowledge and experience. Able to realize and manage projects of any kind with great patience and perseverance. One can trust the quality of his work will remain constant and above the standard, with unquestioned seniority.
Guido Garfunkel / Owner at Cromo3D

Marcelo has a keen graphic eye and huge technical knowledge. Qualities which have made him able to introduce me into the 3D world, and help me in all my projects. His problem solving skills are eminent. Also Marcelo has been a great pleasure to work with. His high professional standards combined with his good sense of humor have often made my day!!
Kamilla Fleischer Michaelsen / Consultant at Private

Marcelo is a self driven professional with outstanding technical skills and natural leadership qualities. He is also a trustworthy person with sound ethical values.
Without a doubt a valuable member of any team.
Augusto Ruckert / Senior Project Manager at Globant

First of all Marcelo is a great person, very professional, respectful and shows a great experience and skills on his field. While working with him he showed responsible and pays a grat attention to details and perfection. It was great to work beside him at Bridger Conway.
Diego Pokorni / Trade Marketing Industrial Designer

Marcelo shows great attention to detail in the projects he is involved in and manages to run his team with both inspiration and respect. Furthermore he has great insight in the technical issues and is always open to discovering new and alternative techniques.
Thomas Sugar / Founder & CEO Sugar CG