Yo Matías

Lead of Compositing+Shading+Lighting

Fiftheen episodes of Yo Matías animated series, based on the comic strip by the argentinian artist Sendra, was a great experience due to many reasons. First of all, people at Bitt Animation Studios was very kind of trust in my capabilities for this defiant project and once on the road, all my co-workers nurtured the project in many different ways which is always comforting and encouraging. Technically speaking, it was hard to get used fast to using a well stablished pipeline system in order to not interfere with the rest of the team, so I’ve got it. (Thanks to all folks for your patience!). In the same direction I have to thank for the creative freedom and the confidence they gave to me.

The project was fast paced. We had to deal everyday with different episodes, takes (and retakes) and the usual fixes of render issues. I composed most of the episodes, so it was a tremendous blessing to build a strong team with my colleague “Yoshi”, with whom we understood each other with just a brief exchange of glances.